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Custom Builds

BSC specializes in custom builds that are one-of-a-kind and curated to fit your needs. Our years of experience are here to help guide you to your bike that is built to your specifications!

We carry unique, high quality, hard-to-find brands like Bianchi, Campagnolo, Cervelo, Factor, Festka, Mosaic, Pinarello, Santa Cruz, Standert, and Yeti.

Below is a list of bikes with a variety of group sets and wheelsets that BSC have in stock or in the warehouse that we can customize for you - we also keep display models in the shop so you can see, touch and test ride your bike.

In addition, you can use BSC's Shimano bike fit system that allows us to transpose your fit data onto thousands of bikes or fit you before ordering a custom frame from one of our partner brands!

So whether you are trying to narrow down the 16 sizes of the latest Pinarello Dogma or get your measurements dialed for a bespoke Mosaic, we are here to maximize your on-bike experience.




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